Mrs. Frederika Confait-Poussou

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Poussou joined the Fair Trading Commission in 2016 as Analyst in the Competition & Market Surveillance Department. In July 2017, she was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the Market Surveillance Department and joined the FTC Management team.

In January 2018, she was promoted to Senior Analyst. Having gathered a wealth of experience over the years, in January 2023, she was promoted as the Principal Analyst in the Department. In June 2023, Mrs Poussou was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.
Mrs. Poussou assists the CEO in the administration of the FTC and is also the Head of Operations. She is therefore responsible for the Consumer Affairs, Market Surveillance and Competition Departments, Education and Advocacy Unit and the Praslin Office.

In terms of qualifications, Mrs. Poussou graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management from the Shannon College of Hotel Management, National University of Ireland. Mrs. Poussou also holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. During her studies she obtained qualifications in management, business law, public policy, governance and finance. She has also gained experience in Competition and Consumer Protection law on the job and through attending various workshops and conferences.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 AM to 4PM
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