Bread (Ongoing)
In December 2022, all bread manufacturers were sent advisory notices relating to the Fair Trading(Consumer Protection) Product Labelling and Trade Regulations requirements. The project aimedto ensure that all bread manufacturers were in line with the regulations mentioned earlier. The Commission monitored the market for any discrepancies, and it was observed that the breadpackaging of several manufacturers was missing information such as the shelf life, weight, andother critical details.

The Commission took a proactive approach to address non-compliance among bread manufacturers. Non-compliant manufacturers were invited to a meeting to discuss the mandatory information on bread packaging. Despite these efforts, some manufacturers continued to omit the mandatory information. The Commission is committed to working closely with these businesses to ensure compliance by the end of 2024, and for those who resist, necessary action will be taken under the regulation.

Meat (Ongoing)
The Commission, in collaboration with the Department and other officers, played a crucial role in the USALAMA VIII Operations held between 19th to 23rd September, 2022. During these operations, officers observed a significant number of locally packaged meat that did not meet the requirements of the Fair Trading (Consumer Protection) Product Labelling and Trade Description Regulations. The Commission informed the meat manufacturers about the requirements of the regulation though a letter and a press release was also issued, advising them to review their practices to ensure adherence to the regulations by 15th January 2024. The Commission is still working with certain manufacturers to make sure that they adhere to the regulation.

Local Goods – Cottage Industry (Ongoing)
Officers observed a variety of local goods originating from the cottage industries that needed to meet the requirements of the Fair Trading (Consumer Protection) Product Labelling and Trade Description Regulations. The project was initiated to enforce the regulations concerning Section 74 of FTA, 2022, for pre-packed food, processed food and beverages manufactured locally. A database was formulated to keep the information collected during the inspections for our records and facilitate tackling and implementing the action plan. The Commission also received a list of food manufacturers from the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA). An inspection form was also finalized, which would be used to gather information from the cottage industries. During these inspections, issues arose concerning the contact information of the suppliers, with retailers needing help giving officers any contact details. In addition, most of the suppliers are not registered and can sometimes choose to pause or stop their operations for specific periods.

Product Safety Regulations (Ongoing)
Given the General Safety Regulation that will soon come into force, the Commission conducted a short survey in October, 2023. This survey aimed to identify the areas where electronic equipment and appliances are sourced, verify if suppliers are providing certificates of conformity, check how
easy/difficult it is to receive a certificate of conformity and establish whether or not the mandatory requirement will impact businesses. Forty-nine phone calls were made, twenty-four premises were visited, and the total collected responses amounted to 26. The survey findings are to be submitted for review to the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade.

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