Outreach Program

During the 1st semester, the outreach shifted to businesses and companies were construction sector was targeted. Advisory notes were distributed to all contractors with valid licenses. Over two days officers met with around 60 contractors around Mahe. Those not covered, approximately 250, were sent advisory notes through postal services.

The responses over the two days and calls received were positive however the contractors we met with, who does not have any complaints registered at the Commission raised concerns over how consumers are also dishonest in making payments and how they opt for cheaper labor due to their finances which results in low quality goods and services. The same exercise was conducted by the officers on Praslin.

The second outreach in July 2018 was part of the campaign to encourage behavioral change. Officers placed stickers in various locations on Mahe in a bid to raise awareness and empower consumers whilst encouraging businesses. The slogan on the sticker encourages consumers to “Be a responsible consumer! Know your rights! Enforce your rights! If it’s still not right, contact us!”

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