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Proposed Merger Involving AVIA Solutions Group (ASG) PLC and AirExplore.S.R.ODownload
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SADC MOU signed 26 May 2016 GaboroneDownload
National Consumer Tribunal of SADownload
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MOU Public HealthDownload
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Independent Review ReportDownload
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Your Guide to Competition Law in SeychellesDownload
FTC_Newsletter_2014_Vol 2_Iss 2Download
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FTCSeychellesNewsletter 2017Download
FTCSeychellesNewsletter 2016 – SEM 2Download
FTCSeychellesNewsletter 2016 – SEM 1Download
FTC Newsletter 2018Download
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media release October 2014 Abattoir FCADownload
media release October 2014 Abattoir FCA 2Download
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ISPC Press ReleaseDownload
Press Release undertaking updatedDownload
shri ramajayam press releaseDownload
press release – FTC n PoliceDownload
praslin Talk Presss Release (002)Download
marsha naidoo press releaseDownload
Press Release undertaking updatedDownload
Press Release _ PUC for CEODownload
Press Release GCR HandbookDownload
110718 Merger Ruling Press Release correctionDownload
110718 Contractor examDownload
090718 south mini market press releaseDownload
090718 Amman supermarketDownload
press release – Henrie FraiseDownload
Press release D & D BaronneDownload
Vimalathitan Vairasamy (Trading as Vimal Shopping Centre) press releaseDownload
Krishnamart Press ReleaseDownload
Merger involving Flawless & KreolorDownload
Notice to Consumers and BusinessesDownload
Competition Day Presss ReleaseDownload
ALVIVA MergerDownload
Press release (1)Download
Press release(6th May 2021)Download
Press release(20th May 2021)Download
FCA 168 Press ReleaseDownload
Press release 2020 FTCDownload
FCA 170 Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 169 Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 171 Press ReleaseDownload
Press release 1Download
Press Release for tripartite Sept 2021Download
Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 174 Press ReleaseDownload
PR – World Consumer Rights Day – Minister’s MessageDownload
FCA 179 Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 181 Press Release 2Download
FCA 182 Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 183 Press ReleaseDownload
FCA 185 Press ReleaseDownload
COM 4 Press ReleaseDownload
COM 3 Press ReleaseDownload
COM 6 Press ReleaseDownload
COM 8 Press ReleaseDownload
COM 13 Press Release (003)Download
COM 14 Press Release 2Download
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FTC Annual Report 2017Download
FTC Annual Report 2016Download
FTC Annual Report 2015Download
FTC Annual Report 2013Download
FTC Annual Report 2012Download
FTC Annual Report 2011Download
FTC Annual Report_2010Download
FTC Annual Report 2018Download
FTC Annual Report 2019Download
FTC Annual Report 2020Download
FTC Annual Report 2021Download
FTC Annual Report 2022Download
Franky Madeleine vs. FTC – Appeal No. 3 of 2013Download
Eastern European Engineering Ltd vs. i. FTC ii. Vijay Construction Pty Ltd – Appeal No. 5 of 2013Download
Chandran Naidu Supermarket vs. FTC – Appeal No. 3 of 2014Download
Appeal Tribunal RulingsDownload
Appeal Judgment- GilbertBastienne vs FTCDownload
appeal cpa.ins18.64Download
appeal cpa.ins18.28Download
appeal cpa.ins18.11Download
appeal cpa.ins17.129Download
Tarick Bey v. Henrie Fraise Fils & Co (Sey) – CPA.16.301Download
Spar Eden Island_06082019084817Download
Ruling FTC vs Sun Motors LimitedDownload
Ruling FTC vs Spar_01042021100338Download
Ruling FTC vs Mr. G. Asokkumar ChettyDownload
Ruling for sekaar shopping centreDownload
Ruling for N.P Balu shopping centreDownload
Ruling for N.O chettyDownload
Ruling for Murali mini marketDownload
Ruling Darell Govinden vs PTL (Pty) LtdDownload
Ruling CPA18.095Download
RULING CPA.16.201Download
Merger ApplicationDownload
Marie Cecile Dugasse vs. Gilbert Samy – CPA.16.205 – OrderDownload
Lysianne Flore vs Eternity Motors (Pty) Ltd (trading as Tyres on wheels – CPA.17.036Download
FTV vs Aarjay ConstructionDownload
FTC vs. VV Supermarket – CPA.INS12.P002Download
FTC vs. VV Supermarket – CPA.INS12.P002 (1)Download
FTC vs. Victory Shop – CPA.INS12.P007Download
FTC vs. Victor Construction – CPA.13.327Download
FTC vs. Vadamalaian Beoliere Supermarket – CPA.INS.090513.4Download
FTC vs. Universal SharpeningDownload
FTC vs. Top Gears (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.101.99Download
FTC vs. Top Gears (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.076.99Download
FTC vs. TMP Company (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.141Download
FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.102.99Download
FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.071.99Download
FTC vs. TMP Co Pty Ltd – CPA.11.066.99Download
FTC vs. Techno Services – CPA.12.150Download
FTC vs. Sundar & Co – CPA.INS12Download
FTC vs. Sun Shopping Centre – CPA.INS.090713.2Download
FTC vs. Step Maintenance – CPA.13.112Download
FTC vs. SSP Imports (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.207.99-4Download
FTC vs. SSP Imports – CPA.INS.250613.2Download
FTC vs. SSP Import (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS.13.383Download
FTC vs. SRP Richard Furniture and Building Contractor – CPA.13.099Download
FTC vs. Srimuga Shopping Centre – CPA.INS.090713.2Download
FTC vs. Sri Sakthi Store – CPA.INS12.021Download
FTC vs. SPAR Eden Island – CPAINS16.018Download
FTC vs. Sinon Surveys (Pty) Ltd – CPA.14.016Download
FTC vs. Sinon Surveys (Pty) Ltd – CPA.13.375Download
FTC vs. Shri Ramajayam Supermarket Co (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS16.72Download
FTC vs. Sheilas Shop – CPA.INS.060613Download
FTC vs. Sekaars Shopping Centre & 3 Others – CPA.11.207.99Download
FTC vs. Sekaars Shopping Centre – CPA.INS13.004Download
FTC vs. Sekaars Shopping Centre – CPA.11.207.99-2Download
FTC vs. Sekaar @ Takamakka (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS13.001Download
FTC vs. Sekaar @ Takamaka (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.207.99-1Download
FTC vs. Saro Mini Market – CPA.INS.090513.1Download
FTC vs. San Xiang Trading (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS16.60Download
FTC vs. RTK Trading – CPA.INS.090513.3Download
FTC vs. RoDe Company Limited – CPA.13.108Download
FTC vs. Robert Andre – CPA.14.256Download
FTC vs. Rehoboth Builders (Pty) Ltd – CPA.12.108Download
FTC vs. Rehoboth Builders (Pty) Ltd – CPA.12.100Download
FTC vs. Rehoboth – CPA.12.100 – StatementDownload
FTC vs. Ramu Stores – CPA.INS.110613.4Download
FTC vs. Ramesh Pillay (trading as Beau-Vallon Supermarket) – CPA.INS16.62Download
FTC vs. Ragavan Store – CPA.INS12.P003Download
FTC vs. R.P Shopping – CPA.INS.250613.3Download
FTC VS. Premiere Building Maintenance Contractor and Property Management – CPA.12.124Download
FTC vs. Prem Builders (Pty) Ltd – CPA.12.119Download
FTC vs. Port-Glaud Supermarket – CPA.INS13.003Download
FTC vs. Port-Glaud Supermarket – CPA.11.207.99-3Download
FTC vs. Peoples Shop – CPA.INS12.P005Download
FTC vs. Patrick Joseph – CPA.13.254Download
FTC vs. Parkash Chander – CPA.15.263Download
FTC vs. PALS Enterprise – CPA.13.352Download
FTC vs. PALS Enterprise – CPA.11.056.99Download
FTC vs. Office Equipement Services (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.196.99Download
FTC vs. Norbert Zelia – CPA.11.243.99Download
FTC vs. Nautica – CPA.11.093.99Download
FTC vs. N. Rajeshkanna Pillay (Sri Vekkali Amman) – CPA.15.271Download
FTC vs. Metaluco (Seychelles)(Pty) LtdDownload
FTC vs. Meghjee Kalyanji & Co (Pty) Ltd – CPA.11.267Download
FTC vs. Max Contractor – CPA.13.004Download
FTC vs. MAS Supermarket – CPA.INS.14.0092Download
FTC vs. Marsha Naidoo (trading as Organic Life) – CPA.INS16.80Download
FTC vs. Marc Rose – CPA.13.356Download
FTc vs. Lucys Trading – CPA.INS.14.0088Download
FTC vs. Lebon and Sinon Surveys – CPA.12.144Download
FTC vs. L.D Builders – CPA.14.081Download
FTC vs. Kot Gopal – CPA.INS.110613.2Download
FTC vs. Kenson Construction – CPA.14.264Download
FTC vs. Kannus Supermarket – 5 – CPA.INS.120613.1Download
FTC vs. Kannus Supermarket – 4 – CPA.INS.120613.3Download
FTC vs. KAF BuildersDownload
FTC vs. K.E.Y Brothers – CPA.INS12.011Download
FTC vs. Justin Estico – CPA.14.223Download
FTC vs. Joseph Simon Francois – CPA.15.294Download
FTC vs. Jimmy Pool – CPA.15.147Download
FTC vs. James Marie – CPA.14.085Download
FTC vs. i. Eden Island Retail Centre (Seychelles) Ltd ii. Masons Xchange – FCA32Download
FTC vs. i. Abraham Fanchette ii. Terrence Fanchette – CPA.12.253Download
FTC vs. i. Abraham Fanchette ii. Terrence Fanchette – CPA.12.136Download
FTC vs. Hubert Savy – CPA.11.095.99Download
FTC vs. Hubert Savy – CPA.11.095.99 (1)Download
FTC vs. Hoareau Enterprise – CPA.15.098Download
FTC vs. Harold Auguste – CPA.11..231.99Download
FTC vs. Global Internet CafeDownload
FTC vs. Global Internet Cafe – CPA.11.187.99Download
FTC vs. Gerard Jeannevole – CPA.11.148Download
FTC vs. GEQ Building Contractor – CPA.13.317Download
FTC vs. GEQ Building Contractor – CPA.13.194Download
FTC vs. GEQ Building Contractor – CPA.13.145Download
FTC vs. Ganesh Shopping Centre – CPA.INS13Download
FTC vs. G. T. Pillay General Merchant – CPA.INS.110613.1Download
FTC vs. Fruitful Builders – CPA.15.274Download
FTC vs. Fruitful Builders – CPA.15.187 – OrderDownload
FTC vs. Franky Madeleine – CPA.12.123Download
FTC vs. Ferox Abattoir (Pty) Ltd – FCA39Download
FTC vs. Ferox Abattoir (Pty) Ltd – FCA39 (Erratum)Download
FTC vs. Ferox Abattoir (Pty) Ltd – CPA.13.367Download
FTC vs. Evans JulesDownload
FTC vs. Evans Jules 2Download
FTC vs. Esparons Construction – CPA.14.104Download
FTC vs. Esparons Construction – CPA.12.143Download
FTC vs. Corgate Estate Shop – CPA.INS.090713.1Download
FTC vs. Continental Stores (Pty) Ltd – CPA.INS16.65Download
FTC vs. Claude Rosette – CPA.15.115Download
FTC vs. Claude Rosette – CPA.14.043Download
FTC vs. Claude Rosette – CPA.11.138.99Download
FTC vs. Chris Builders – CPA.11.099Download
FTC vs. Chandran Naidu Supermarket – CPA.INS.14.040Download
FTC vs. CBJ Minimarket – CPA.INS12.P004Download
FTC vs. Bharathi-Ram Traders – CPA.INS.250613.1Download
FTC vs. Antoine Servina – CPA.13.100Download
FTC vs. Angelin Nicholas – CPA.13.202Download
FTC vs. Anandan Pillay – CPA.11.169Download
FTC vs. Amir Minimarket -CPA.INS12.020Download
FTC vs. Airtel (Sey) LtdDownload
FTC vs. Abraham Fanchette – CPA.12.027Download
FTC vs. Abarna Traders – CPA.INS.13.002Download
FTC vs. Aarjay Construction Pty Ltd 2Download
FTC vs Vimalathitan VairasamyDownload
FTC vs Vimal and Company Pty LtdDownload
FTC vs Ponnilavan PonselvanDownload
FTC vs Claude Rosette – CPA.11.127.99Download
FTC vs Chris Builders – CPA110991Download
FTC vs A-One-J-Shop_07042021132336Download
FTC vs Anse Royale Pharmacy_07042021132508Download
FTC v. Sue Lin Johnston & Yidong Anthony Johnston (trading as Linro Global) – CPA.INS16.58Download
FTC v T.Pandiyan Pillay for joint executor of V.T Pillay(trading as Vinayagar Trading) – CPA.INS18.38Download
FTC v Somu Sekaar Pillay (trading as Sekaar's Shopping Centre – CPA.INS17.69Download
FTC v Shankar Pillay(trading as Srisai Supermarket) – CPA.PRSINS18.1Download
FTC v Ravichandran Chetty Narajan Chetty(trading as Sri Vignesh Minishop) – CPA.INS18.24Download
FTC v Rathinasamy Arunachalam and Rethinasamy Karpakasundary(trading as New Shop) – CPA.INS.18.8Download
FTC v Ramesh Pillay CPA.INS16.70Download
FTC v Muthukumar Rengaraju (trading as Prayaag Shoppers) – CPA.INS18.44Download
FTC v Krishnamart and company (PTY) Ltd – CPA.INS18.2Download
FTC v Kovindasamy Pillay(trading as Sri Vekkaliaman Supermarket) – CPA.INS18.29Download
FTC v Cable § Wireless (Sey)Ltd CPA15230Download
Florence Marie-Ange Payet v Nilcey Morel (trading as Creole Maintenance Contractor) – CPA.16.187Download
Decision McAteer Vs Universal SharpeningDownload
cpa.ins.20.19 ruling000Download
cpa.19.020 ruling000Download
cpa.19.020 rulingDownload
cpa.17.150 rulingDownload
cpa 180831Download
cpa 18.083Download
Claudia Barbe v. Danny Baronne & Daniel Baronne (trading as D&D Construction) – CPA.15.123)Download
BOC Ruling Sekaar @ Port Glaud 2Download
BOC Ruling Nivetha StoreDownload
BOC Ruling N P Balu Shopping SuperDownload
BOC Ruling Kris Mini MartDownload
BOC Ruling G.Mohanchandran PillayDownload
BOC Ruling FTC vs Sekaar Les CanellesDownload
BOC Ruling FTC vs Port Glaud SupermarketDownload
BOC Ruling FTC vs KasiDownload
BOC Ruling FCA78Download
BOC Ruling Deka Super MarketDownload
BOC Ruling CPAINS18.17Download
BOC Ruling CPA18214_010420211007001Download
BOC Ruling CPA17.201Download
BOC Ruling CPA.INS18.05 -Ramajayam Beach PointDownload
Andrine Isaac and Betty Isaac vs Jefferson N'Ganga(trading as Joshua Enterprise) – CPA.12.159Download
Aarjay Construction vs. Fair Trading Commission – JtDownload
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