Disclosure of information Monitoring

Disclosure of information monitoring (visual representation in plain language, in line with Section 19 (1) read with Section 19 (2), misleading labels in line with Section 22 (4) and (5) and safety aspects related to them under Section 50 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act, 2010 (CPA, 2010)

The concerns with regards to visual representation came about in 2017 due to the increase in the number of cases whereby labels/information on goods were not in conformity with CPA, 2010 and Food Act.

Several steps were taken to address this issue including meetings with respondents, issuing of compliance notices, forwarding cases of non-compliance to CCU, assistance in re-conditioning of labels in collaboration with the Public Health Authority (PHA), and provision of list of businesses/companies in contravention of the CPA, 2010 for monitoring upon entry of goods into the country to prevent the goods from reaching the market.

Additionally, the Commission has been encouraging businesses/companies to take proactive measure and they have reached out to the Commission when they have been unsure about the goods prior to supplying.

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