Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Edmond began her career in November 2005 as a Senior Statistician at the National Bureau of Statistics. She remained with the Bureau for a period of about 5 ½ years following which she moved to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment as an economist for a brief moment. In January 2012, Mrs. Edmond joined the Fair Trading Commission as a Competition Analyst and was later promoted to the post of Senior Competition Analyst in September 2012. In November 2013, Mrs. Edmond was given the responsibility of overseeing the Investigation and Market surveillance Department within the Commission.  

She was promoted to Principal Analyst in April 2014 and oversaw the newly named Competition and Market Surveillance department. In July 2017, she was appointed as Deputy CEO of the Commission for a duration of 3 years.   

In April 2023 Mrs. Edmond was appointed the CEO of the Fair Trading Commission. In terms of qualifications, Mrs. Edmond graduated with a BA econ (Hons) in Economics and Social Policy at the University of Manchester in 2005. Furthermore, during her ,years at the National Bureau of Statistics Mrs. Edmond attended several short courses including that of Statistics for National Accounts and also Survey Methodology and Sampling.  

Mrs. Edmond also received an award for an outstanding paper written for the Africa Symposia on Statistical Development. During her time with the Commission, Mrs. Edmond has also completed a Post Graduate diploma in Economics for Competition Law from Kings College in England via long distance learning in the year 2016.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Poussou joined the Fair Trading Commission in 2016 as Analyst in the Competition & Market Surveillance Department. In July 2017, she was assigned the responsibility of overseeing the Market Surveillance Department and joined the FTC Management team.

In January 2018, she was promoted to Senior Analyst. Having gathered a wealth of experience over the years, in January 2023, she was promoted as the Principal Analyst in the Department. In June 2023, Mrs Poussou was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Poussou assists the CEO in the administration of the FTC and is also the Head of Operations. She is therefore responsible for the Consumer Affairs, Market Surveillance and Competition Departments, Education and Advocacy Unit and the Praslin Office.

In terms of qualifications, Mrs. Poussou graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management from the Shannon College of Hotel Management, National University of Ireland. Mrs. Poussou also holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. During her studies she obtained qualifications in management, business law, public policy, governance and finance. She has also gained experience in Competition and Consumer Protection law on the job and through attending various workshops and conferences.

Prinicpal Legal Officer, Legal Affairs Department


In 1999 Mr. Padayachy joined the Public Sector in the Ministry of Health, Department of Public Health, specialized in Health Impact Assessment Unit. 

In 2006 Mr. Padayachy joined the Youth Health Center where he worked as a Senior Health Educator and Promotion officer in the Ministry of Health and thereon followed his advanced studies in Youth Development. In 2010 he started his Master in Leadership and Strategy in the Seychelles Young Leaders Programme with the National University of Ireland for 2 years. The degree covered 6 subjects (Human Resources, Leadership, Organisation and strategy, Finance, Economics and Research method).

In July 2010, Mr. Padayachy followed a course in Washington DC, as a participant from the Seychelles Young African leaders Programme.  

In August 2010 he became the Director of Youth Services Section within the Seychelles National Youth Council. The employee was responsible for the services of youth development programme / research on national level.  

In 2013 Mr. Padayachy was working as the Loans Manager at the Small Business Financing Agency (Ministry of Finance Trade and Investment). He was in charge of the loans department and supervising 6 staffs in the preparation of loans cases for approval.  

In January 2014 Mr. Padayachy joined the Fair Trading Commission as the Senior Compliance Officer heading the Consumer department and later promoted as the Principal Analyst.  

In 2018 Mr. Padayachy started his second Master in Business Administration and completed in 2020.  

Principal Analyst, Consumer Affairs Department


As a young graduate of the University of Seychelles, MS. Jumaye began her career path by joining the Fair Trading Commission in 2016 in the Competition and Market Surveillance Department and within her time at the FTC, has risen to currently holding the post of Acting Head of the Department.
Her main responsibilities in the department includes the investigation of complaints along with her team. In addition to her duties at the FTC, MS. Jumaye is also a member of the Review Panel for Public Procurement.
Following her 3 years’ of study at the University of London International programme through the University of Seychelles, Ms. Jumaye graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration specializing in International Business.

Senior Analyst, Competition Department
Ms. Annashanta Canaya is a Senior Analyst and Head of the Consumer Services Department. Her primary responsibility is to lead the Consumer Services Department in the investigation of complaints when consumers are aggrieved by the actions of enterprises providing Services.
Ms. Canaya commenced her career with the Commission in 2016 after serving 10 years with the Ministry of Health in the Public Health Authority as a Public Health Officer. She has a Diploma in Environmental Health and in 2018 she embarked on a 2 years course for a Master in Business Administration from the University of West of Scotland and has successfully completed the program.
In 2022 Ms. Canaya was promoted as the Principal Analyst in the Consumer Affairs Department.

Senior Analyst, Market Surveillance Department

Ms. Weidauer began her career in Seychelles in 2017 as a Principal Human Resource Development Officer and Head of the Support and Special Programmes Section at the Agency for National Human Resource Development. Late in 2018, she transferred to the Ministry of Employment, Immigration and Civil Status in the post of Senior Cooperation Officer where she supervised and coordinated all bilateral and multilateral cooperation and programmes between Seychelles and international organizations [ILO, UN, EU, UNDP, SADC, AU, IOM, COMESA], other countries and MDAs on labour and employment matters.

In February 2021, Ms. Weidauer joined the Fair Trading Commission as Human Resource and Budget Management Personnel.

In terms of qualifications, in 2017, Ms. Weidauer was awarded a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Media Science at the Leipzig University in Germany. During her studies she obtained additional qualifications in Psychology [Personality, Motivational and Emotional Psychology], Media Sociology, Media Psychology, Business Economics, Marketing, Print and Media Techniques and Media Law at the Technical University of Chemnitz in Germany.

During her career Ms. Weidauer has attended several short courses and workshops; including a Labour Law and Industrial Relations course, an International Organisation for Migration Workshop on Labour Mobility, Ethical Recruitment and Labour Exploitation and an Executive Leadership Development course.

Human Resource and Budget Management Officer


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