Consumer Protection

The Consumer protection Act (the Act) was enacted on 29th November 2010 and repealed the Consumer Protection Act 1997. The Act aimed at protecting consumer’s rights, imposing duties on producers and suppliers of goods and services in the Seychelles.

The Fair Trading Commission in administering the Act shall promote and advance the economic welfare of consumers by –

  • the achievement and maintenance of a consumer market that is fair, accessible, efficient, sustainable and responsible for the benefit of consumers;
  • reducing any disadvantages experienced by consumers;
  • promoting fair business practices;
  • promoting fair contract terms;
  • protecting consumers from misleading, deceptive or fraudulent conduct;
  • improving consumer awareness and information.

The Act applies to any goods and services promoted or supplied in Seychelles in the ordinary course of the suppliers business. The Act provides for a system of enforcement through compliance notices.

The Commission may:

initiate or receive complaints concerning alleged prohibited conduct;

investigate and evaluate complaints or alleged contravention of the Act;

conduct hearing and issue notices, give orders and directions

impose remedies or financial penalties

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