Analysis of the complaints lodged at the Commission showed that the majority of services complaints relates to the Construction sector. The Commission therefore conducted a survey in order to obtain information that will allow the Commission to understand the level of knowledge of the general public (18 years and above) in relation to construction. Prior to the start of the survey, the Commission published an article in Seychelles Nation to inform the public about the statistics recorded by the Commission and issues related to the Construction Industry. The article also informed the public about the survey and the locations where they could participate in the survey. The public were called upon to participate online.

The Commission conducted the survey both online and on a one-to-one basis with random individuals at different locations around Victoria. The turnout for online participants was very low. A total of 500 participants took part in the survey. 6 questionnaires were not fully completed and could not be analyzed. 494 questionnaires were used to compile the information collected and provide recommendations. The survey results can be downloaded here

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