Education Advocacy

The unit is in charge of maintaining and ensuring stakeholder engagement through administering the Commission’s various online platforms. It works closely with other operations departments to produce various publications and develop outreach campaigns/communication activities as per the Advocacy Plan. The department also maintains relations with the Commission’s various stakeholders.

The overall duties of the Education and Advocacy unit are as follows;

  • Work closely with other departments to provide various publications.
  • Update and manage the FTC Education and Advocacy Platforms.
  • Organize events such as outreach campaigns to ensure that the advocacy plan is active and moving forward.
  • Evaluate results and impact of communication activities; report on developments, trends and attitudes regarding the works of the FTC. Establish metrics for gauging impact.
  • Develop strategic partnership with key stakeholders to elicit support for and maximize impact of Education and Advocacy Objectives. Hence, ensuring effective communication.


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