Bread Labelling

The Commission and the Public Health Authority – Food Control Unit (PHA) is working on a project to include the “production date” and the “pull date” (which according to the Food Act, means the period from the date of manufacture within which the food may be sold or consumed) on bread packaging. This is in view of complaints whereby allegedly fresh bread becomes stale on the following day of purchase.

As part of the project, the Public Health Authority conducted tests on bread from various bakeries and all parameters tested were satisfactory. The tests enabled the authority to also establish an average lifespan of 2 days for bread kept at room temperature.

The proposal was brought forward to Seychelles Bureau of Standard (SBS) and they indicated that they will be reviewing the Standard for bread (SS8) in August 2018. In June 2018, in view that the SBS had not yet called upon the Committee for review of the SS8, a recommendation letter was sent to all bakeries, encouraging them to start indicating the “production” and “pull date” on bread, preferably by 1st August 2018.

The Technical Committee consisting of various stakeholders has since August 2018 began the review of the Standard for Bread. Additionally, the PHA is reviewing their labelling regulations therefore in the near future, this will be imminent.

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