Board Of Commissioners

Five commissioners, headed by a Chairman, together with the Chief Executive Officer as an ex officio member constitute the Board of Commissioners as established by the Fair Trading Commission Act 2009. The Commissioners, meeting together, act as the strategic decision-making body for the Fair Trading Commission as an institution. They also make the decisions on all investigations of restrictive practices under the Fair Competition Act and the Consumer Protection Act conducting hearings with the parties concerned and, where necessary, imposing directions or agreeing to undertakings.

The Commissioners

Name: Ms. Karen Domingue
Post: Chairperson of FTC Board of Commissioners


Name: Mr. Michael Nalletamby
Post: Member of FTC Board of Commissioners

Mr Michael Nalletamby holds a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Economics and began his career as an Economist in the then Ministry of Industry in October 1993. He then moved to the Ministry of Tourism Transport in September 1998 as the Director for Tourism Planning. In September 2001, Mr Nalletamby was promoted to the post of Director General for Tourism Development within the same ministry. In 2007, he moved to the Seychelles Tourism Board where he remained until his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Licensing Authority in January 2009.
Mr Nalletamby was first appointed Principal Secretary in the Department of Investment & Natural Resources in June 2010 and with the Government restructuring has held similar posts in various departments including the Department of Natural Resources & Industry and the Department of Fisheries & Agriculture. He currently, since January 2018, holds the post of Principal Secretary of the Department of Investment in the Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment & Economic Planning.
Mr Nalletamby has served on the boards of directors of a few public bodies such as the Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL), Island Development Company (IDC), National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA).


Name: Mr. Phillipe Chong Seng
Post: Member of FTC Board of Commissioners

Mr. Chong Seng is a Chartered electrical engineer presently engaged in electrical consultancy work. He has extensive experience in operations and management of utilities at government, parastatal and private company levels. He is presently interested in energy savings and alternate energy issues with a view to reducing the country’s total dependence on fossil fuels for its energy needs.
Name: Mrs. Jenna Thelermont
Post: Member of FTC Board of Commissioners
Mrs. Thelermont has been the Assistant General Manager of Seychelles Savings Bank since 2007, after occupying the post of Finance Manager at the same bank for 11 years.
She has completed several studies in finance and accounting, from AAT at the Seychelles Institute of Management (in 1991) to ACCA at the Financial Training Company, UK (1999). She has also followed short courses in the subject, for instance, Certificate in Bank Card Management, Institute of Financial Services (2004) and Strategy & Management in Banking Programme, International.


Name: Mr. Victor Pool
Post: Member of FTC Board of Commissioners

Mr. Victor Pool started his career with the Ministry of Education as a teacher after which he pursued further studies in Law. He holds a degree in Law and currently works as Legal Drafter in the Drafting Department with the Office of Legal Affairs.


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