Be the Leading Institution in the protection of the cosumers and the competition process for the promotion of the socio economic welfare.


Advocating and enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.

Core Values

Guided by the following: Integrity, Professionalism, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Independence and Accountability, Fairness, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement.

Welcome to the Fair Trading Commission

The Fair Trading Commission is an independent government body established under the Fair Trading Commission Act 2009.

We aim to safeguard the interests of consumers, promote competition and fair trade in Seychelles to benefit consumers, businesses, and the economy.

We strive to ensure compliance of individuals and businesses to the laws administered by the Commission- namely: The Fair Trading Commission Act 2009; the Fair Competition Act 2009 and the Consumer Protection Act 2010.

In fact we are empowered to carry out investigations in relation to the conduct of business in Seychelles to determine if any enterprise is engaging in practices that are in contravention of our laws. Such investigations may be self-initiated by the FTC or may be carried out following a complaint. All investigations are carried out by the staff of the FTC.

Our initiatives also include promoting the education of consumers and businesses through advocacy and publications.

The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is an independent government body established under the Fair Trading Commission Act, 2009 (Act No. 17 of 2009), to:

  • Safeguard the interests of consumers,
  • Monitor and investigate the conduct of business enterprises,
  • Promote and maintain effective competition in the economy
  • Protect consumers’ rights
  • Impose duties on producers and suppliers of goods and services





How can we Help you ?

FTC Invites you to make use of the services and resources it offers to business, government and agencies and consumers as part of its duties to administer and enforce the Fair Trading Act, 2022.



Consumer Tips & Advice

Prohibited trade practices.

As a consumer, be aware that the following trade practices is prohibited under the Fair Trading Act, 2022. An enterprise found to be engaged in a prohibited conduct may be issued a Fixed Penalty, not less than SCR 1,500 and not exceeding SCR 20,000 per breach.


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