Be the Leading Institution in the protection of the cosumers and the competition process for the promotion of the socio economic welfare.


Advocating and enforcing consumer rights and obligations whilst fostering a fair and competitive business environment in Seychelles.

Core Values

Guided by the following: Integrity, Professionalism, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Independence and Accountability, Fairness, Teamwork and Continuous Improvement.

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The Fair Trading Commission (FTC) is an independent Government body initially established under the Fair Trading Commission Act of 2009. FTC consolidated its Acts in 2022 to become the Fair Trading Act.

The Commission is a body corporate, established under section 5 (1) of the Fair Trading Act, 2022 to enforce any written laws relating to consumer protection and fair competition.

What are some of the functions of the Commission?

  • establish compliance programs with providers of goods and services;
  • carry out such market inquiry, inspection, monitoring or investigations into the conduct of enterprises as it may consider necessary to detect and prevent prohibited conduct;
  • negotiate and recommend undertakings and settlements before the Tribunal;
  • promote alternative methods of dispute resolution under this Act;
  • investigate any complaint of alleged contravention of this Act or refer any such complaint to another regulatory body;
  • co-operate with other regulatory bodies, consumer interest groups and other entities for the purpose of enforcing consumer protection and fair competition;
  • conduct education and advocacy programs;
  • undertake research and publish reports and information on matters affecting the interests of consumers and enterprises;
  • assist in developing and promoting the standards of conduct for ensuring good business practices;
  • provide information for the guidance of consumers regarding their rights and the responsibilities of enterprises under this Act;
  • issue and enforce compliance notices, warning notices, notices for information submission and prohibition notices;
  • make recommendations to the Government on the actual or likely anti-competitive effects or consumer protection issues that arise out of policies and, where appropriate, how to avoid those effects;
  • advise the Government on laws affecting competition and consumer protection;
  • liaise with and exchange information, knowledge and expertise with authorities of other countries entrusted with functions similar to those of the Commission;
  • deal with any matter referred to it by the Tribunal, Minister, and any other regulator;
  • impose such fees as may be required under this

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FTC Invites you to make use of the services and resources it offers to business, Government, agencies and consumers as part of its duties to administer and enforce the Fair Trading Act, 2022.



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